Orfeo Magazine – One of the best!

Orfeo Magazine – One of the best!

Orfeo Magazine – A hidden gem!!

The Orfeo Magazine is a free online magazine that focus on the classical guitar. Now if by free magazine you are already expecting more adds and “advertising articles” than real content rest ashore that this is not the case!

This magazine focus on really quality content, and has such it only releases two issues per year. It has been an active project since 2013, so if you are new to this publication good news you have 16 issues for you to dive into! Personally I haven’t read all of them, missing one or two of the latest issues, and I’m specially curious to read the last issue completely focused on the development of chordophones around the globe!

One of the things that immediately stands out are the gorgeous photographs of instruments but also the makers and their workshops. The photos are really good in transmitting the vibes from the workshop. I want to frame some of those pictures!

But this is a magazine, and the best thing about it is the written word, and here they do a top notch work! For each featured maker/shop you can expect one well done intro that swiftly goes into a well structured interview. It is a real pleasure to read this magazine.

One might think that this is a paid ad but it most certainly it is not. I’m just a fan!

If I sparked your interest go check it out at www.orfeomagazine.fr

The project is lead by Alberto Martinez, each issue has approximately 60-70 pages and the best thing is that you can read it in English, French and Spanish, each language having its version and not multiple languages packed into a single issue.

Also if you like this as much as I do the cherry at the top of the cake is that you can buy the magazines in a hardback book format. Each volume contains 5 issues and again available in English, French and Spanish! I’m currently saving to get me one for Christmas…

To sum things up its a great project that you can access for free, and support by getting the book versions if you like the project.

Now I just want to make a version like this for electric guitars…Who’s in?”

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