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Budda Blues Guitar Junior!

This model is a slim down version of the guitar designed with  and developed in close relationship with Budda Guedes, Portuguese musician, and it’s something rather unique. It has an array of options that give the player a colorful palette of tones.

There is one has a 6 way switch, one master volume and a TBX tone pot. It also has one slidding switch that overides the 6 way and gives bridge+neck in out of phase with a blend pot.



Wenge with Indian rosewood. Scale length is 25.1” with a 12” radius. Jescar 55090 nickel frets and the neck is oil finished.


Samba wood with oil finish.

Hardware: Schaller tuners and Schaller S-Lock strap buttons. Haussel pickups and bourns pots. Switchcraft sliding switches, TBX tone potentiometer, Freeway 6 way switch. Duesenberg tremolo.

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