Making unique instruments to inspire players and musicians.

Futone Guitars are instruments hand-made by me, Paulo Gonçalves, in a small town in the center of Portugal.


Inspired by the iconic Ferrari brand, this guitar draws its inspiration from some of the classic lines of their cars, creating an eye catching guitar.


This model is meant to be used and abused! It comes with a humbucker and tele bridge pickup, but other configurations are possible.


The Infinity comes to create a bridge between hollow bodies and archtop guitars. Inspired by the infinity symbol this is a completly carved and hollow by hand, resulting in a 2.5kg guitar!

Every time I’m about to start a new instrument I ask myself – Why? And every time I come with the same answer: It might be this guitar to inspire that new song the world needs, or gives the player that perfect moment of transcendence”

Paulo Gonçalves

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