BBG guitar design process

BBG guitar design process

 This week let's take a look at the BBG design process, see the actual questions and mood board and also look at all the design sketches I’ve done to get the final shapes.

Back in 2020 me and Budda Guedes started to talk about making him a custom signature model, a guitar that could inspire his playing and be a reliable everyday instrument. So we went ahead with the design process and started with his why:

“Unique sonic characteristics and unique aesthetics”

So a pretty simple why! On the following questions it was clear that he liked Telecasters and Knaggs guitars, and also the Les Paul Double cutaway, but really does not like pointy guitars or flame maple top guitars.

When we moved to the world outside guitars he clearly pointed out that the 50’s design his favorite style, from cars to furniture.

So we come up with this mood board:

Now, besides all the mentioned above in the practical level he wanted a guitar with three pickups, tele bridge plus the strat middle and neck. He also likes the aesthetics of having sliding switches so we needed to incorporate some with real meaning and not just some to look cool.

Looking at the mood board one of the things I tried to retain was the visual presence of metal/chrome. Also, the red car with the center block of the engine raising above the rest of the front also played a role in my mind, specially as in one of our emails he casually mentioned to like the Gibson Firebird raised center.

And to end the first design phase here is the final render prior to the execution of the first prototype:

Here is version 1:


The actual version:


And the slim down version also available:


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